Paving Complete


International Project Initiatives (IPI) Limited has thoroughly enjoyed involving you in the progress to date. At this juncture, we all share in the enthusiasm of the completion of paving works to Phase 1, and look forward to continued development as we move into continuing with Phase 2 infrastructural works.

We invite you to view firsthand the considerable progress made in the development of Hope Estate as we continue to work diligently to meet key milestones.

Greater ease of access allows you, our existing clients, to visit the site and initiate your immersion in the Hope Estate living experience. Take in a sunset or watch the waves roll upon the shoreline from the vantage point of your property. Bring a friend! We’ll gladly assist you in making them your neighbour!



IPI Ltd provides clients with comprehensive pre-construction, construction and post-construction services and solutions. Our suite of services covers every aspect of a client’s project, from design to completion. Our onsite expert team provide clients with an extensive range of construction and construction-related services for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity.

We accomplish this with specialized teams that are composed of both project management and site supervision professionals and we deliver these services through support from our in-house technical groups.

Our open-communication approach gives clients access to information on the project’s progress. For additional transparency, owners can be involved during each stage of the process to reinforce your confidence that IPI Ltd is getting the job done to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Full Portfolio of IPI Ltd Land Development Services includes but is not limited to: 

  • Project Management
  • General Contractor and Civil Contractor
  • Construction Supervision and other Services
  • Constructability/Peer reviews
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Geo-technical surveys
  • Site Appraisals
  • Geospatial engineering
  • Conceptual design
  • Architectural designs
  • Mechanical, structural, electrical and civil engineering designs
  • Material transfers
  • Cost estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Bid evaluation
  • Quality control
  • Cost control
  • Property maintenance
  • Supplier of all Construction Materials including Aggregate and other home and garden products
  • Heavy Equipment Rental
  • Tool Rental
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