What is the history of Hope Estate?

Throughout the 1950′s the majority of the lands at Hope Estate were utilized primarily as a large coconut plantation of approximately 607ha (1,500 acres) in area. Hope Estate also accommodated a longstanding residential/resort development that thrived on the picturesque breezy plateaus that overlooks Hillborough Bay.

The majority of Hope Estate was sold to the State, save 19.56ha parcel which has been retained by the family of the original owner, Mr. John Daly.

The development existed on two parcels prior to 1963 and proudly included:

  • The Greensands Cottages Hotel
  • The Estate House
  • Agricultural Land
  • A community of residences
  • Beach and bath house

The family has now made a decision to restore the historical heritage of the lands by reverting to the original land usage

Who are the Developers?

International Project Initiatives Ltd (IPI Ltd).

Interested parties may contact us at:

Office: 1 (868) 621-0656

Tel/Fax: 1 (868) 621-3500

Email: info@ipi-ltd.com

Website: http://ipi-ltd.com

What experience does the developement team have with this type of project?
Where is the company/companies which run Hope Estate registered?

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Approximately how large is the Hope Estate Development?

Approximately fifty (50) acres.

How many plots are available for sale?
Have all the necessary approval been obtained from the local authorities for the intended construction works?

All approvals required for the works at Hope Estate have been obtained.

Are the plots at Hope Estate leasehold or freehold?

All plots on offer are being sold as leasehold for a term of nine hundred and ninety nine (999) years.

What is the average area of the plots at Hope Estate

Although we do not have a figure for average area, all plots at Hope Estate are at least ten thousand (10,000) square feet in area.

What is the permitted use of the plots?

Each property owner is responsible for the development of one single family dwelling per plot owned.

Can lots be subdivided after purchase?

No, the lots cannot be subdivided.

Will pets be allowed in the development?

As per the deed of lease, other than normal household pets, no animal, livestock or reptiles shall be kept on the premises other than such as are approved by the lessor in writing beforehand. Household pets shall be properly contained on the said premises and shall under no circumstances be allowed to run free outside of the said premises

Are there any height restrictions for structures on the plots?

According to the lease covenants structures erected on the plots shall not exceed a heigt of 8.5 meters

Are there any site coverage restrictions of building on the land?

Site coverage should be in accordance with the relevant Town and Country Planning regulations as well as those of the Local Health Authority

Does construction have to commence within a certain time period?

No, you are free to build at your own pace.

Does the developer have any recommended housing designs?

Recommended house designs can be viewed at http://hopeestatetobago.com/design-options/

Interested parties may contact the developer at:

Office:  1 (868) 621-0656

Tel/Fax: tel: 1 (868) 621-3500

Email: info@ipi-ltd.com

Website: http://ipi-ltd.com



What is the time frame for the completion of Hope Estate?

The project is subdivided into phases. The estimated completion dates for the two phases are:

  • Phase 1: Complete
  • Phase 2: Complete
  • Phase 3: December 2018 (pending January 2018 start)
Does the development have access to a beach?

The development sits adjacent to the Hope Bay Beach which is over a mile long. The beach, as is customary with all beaches in Tobago will be freely accessible to the public.

There are comprehensive plans to upgrade the beach facilties inclusive of regular cleaning, landscaping and construction of an eco friendly beach bar and grill, benches and showers.

A feasibility exercise is being undertaken to ascertain the possibility of constructing shore protection features.

Are photos of the site available?

Photos of the site are available at  http://hopeestatetobago.com/ocean-views/ and at the Development’s Facebook page

Is a site visit possible?

To arrange a site visit, please contact our office at 1 (868) 235-5600 or at info@hopeestatetobago.com

Will there be an owners association and how will this be set up?

Purchasers will be required to purchase one share in the relevant maintenance company which will be responsible for the common areas  in the said Development after leases in respect of all the lots in the said Development have been granted. It is intended that all purchasers of the lots  shall become equal shareholders of the Maintenance  Company.

Will there be rental opportunities?

Yes. There are many reputable property management companies based in Tobago, that can provide the necessary services.