Every detail has been considered in making these designs location appropriate, beautiful and functional. To maximize satisfaction, designs can be customized by the architects according to personal taste and budgets.

“Please note that this and all other designs shown on this website are optional and are provided to guide the desired style of architecture within the development. Homeowners are free however to choose their own designs once they satisfy the covenants within the deed of lease. Please note also that each design shown on this website is copyrighted”

Our project architects, have produced another amazing house design that makes you just want to dive right in.



House design 2 Front view with Garage



This design is particularly suited to our lots that have steeper fronts and offer views of the surrounding hills, rivers and/or ocean. This double story abode features the following:

  • Contemporary Caribbean aesthetic
  • Entrance on the upper level which leads into an open, yet secure living/play area. The shuttered walls let in a wonderful amount of light while still granting privacy
  • 2 car covered garage
  • 3 En Suite bedrooms (including the Master)
  • A balcony off the Master Bedroom
  • Open concept dining room and kitchen (complete with pantry) on the lower level
  • Spacious deck area with pool
  • 3pc outdoor bathroom near pool
  • Laundry room
  • Extra storage space (closets) on lower level by stairs











Design Option 2 Rear View with Pool