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IPI Ltd is pleased to share the newest addition to the Hope Estate portfolio of house designs. This design is particularly suited to sloping plots that have access from the base of the slope. The design concept positions the house to allow for optimal integration while adhering to Town and Country Planning design parameters. Of particular interest, this design will enable landowners to avoid major excavation work and cutting of land, thereby resulting in a significant savings on construction costs.

The first floor houses three (3)private ensuite bedrooms as well as a family room  and laundry area. By contrast, the layout of the ground floor is open concept and includes large doors to the terrace that will create  a wonderful indoor/outdoor living experience as well as take full advantage of the views that so many of the sloping plots possess.

Also, consistent with the desired principles and concepts for Hope Estate, the house design takes energy efficiency into consideration by capitalising on features such as pergolas and native trees that will provide shade and minimise sun incidence around the house.



Building a home represents the greatest financial investment most people will make in a lifetime. When we meet with a client we understand we are discussing a dream. Our goal is to nurture that dream into a stunning and unique reality. A successful design and construction project is equal parts our vision and our clients’ ideal, achieved by our disciplined, yet creative approach to meet and exceed client expectations.

We maximize the opportunity to achieve your dream within the regulatory requirements and construction budgets that influence the project plan. Our careful consideration of client preferences is paramount to creating sustainable spaces, well-suited for the particular environment and owner.

Timing is everything. Without proper construction project management, your project deadlines and budgets are at risk. Our team has extensive experience working with vendors across all construction and design disciplines to keep everyone moving in the right direction and on schedule.