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Successful installation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant

We are pleased to announce the successful installation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Hope Estate which marks another major milestone in the completion of our Phase 1 development.

After a rigorous selection process, the Hope Estate management team, in conjunction with the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), decided on an English import, namely the Conder Environmental Solutions WWTP. This model utilizes proven submerged aerated filter (SAF) technology for optimum performance and dependability. This system is based on a small bore (sic) specification; which means that our sewer lines are made to handle only liquids.

What this means?
1.      You can rest assured that you and your family may enjoy an odourless environment.
2.      Your investment dollars have been put to use on proven technology.
3.       That the cost of operation is affordable without compromise on capacity or quality.

The combination of features, benefits, high performance, reliability and quality assurance makes the Conder SAF the perfect choice for the Hope Estate Integrated Development and the execution by our team makes sure that you are considered at every step and at every milestone.

The next major milestones for completion will be the laying of the final sub base layer for the roads and the asphalt paving. These milestones will be completed this month as our team continues to burn the midnight oil to ensure that the Completion Certificate is obtained.

What does obtaining the Completion Certificate mean?

  1. The Completion Certificate is the final approval granted by the Tobago House of Assembly  and ensures that the infrastructural work done on Phase 1 is compliant with the approvals granted by the relevant Governing Statutory Agencies, inclusive of WASA, the Local Health Authority, the EMA, T&TEC, Fire Services and Town & Country Planning Divisions.
  2. This certificate is also an important requirement by financial institutions if a purchaser has applied for financing.

Once granted, the formal Deed of Lease and Cadastral plans can be issued. As such, our Corporate Services office will be contacting all Phase 1 investors within the next week.
We thank you again for your belief and trust throughout this development process.

Warmest Regards
The Hope Estate Management Team