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Progress Report January 2013

Progress Report – January 2013


Since the commencement of the project in the second quarter of 2012, we at Hope Estate have recorded an overwhelming number of rain days (in excess of 35 working days to date) which admittedly have had an impact on our timelines. Nevertheless, we are none the worse for the wear and our promise to you with regard to the delivery date of Phase One just means that we’ve had to roll up our sleeves a bit more and push a little harder.


Despite the challenges faced over the past couple months, we still have some significant progress to report; sewers are 75 % complete, 63% of plots now have water connections installed, drains are 23% complete and the sub-base for 51% of roads is done.  The remaining works to be done prior to completion include installation of electrical and communications, road basing and sealing and the installation of the sewerage treatment plant; all of which are scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2013.  We are confident that the weather will cooperate with us this dry season and enable us to deliver accordingly. Although we will not make our previous February target date, we are now aiming for completion by May 2013.


Please bear with us as we do all in our power to hand over a product that meets the highest quality standards. Your confidence and support to this date has been tremendous. Stay tuned for more frequent progress report over the next few months as we approach the finish line.


Warmest regards,


The Hope Estate Management Team


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